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Products for the Professionals - Gel Manicure Products We Don't Sell

  • 2 min read

Wondering why we don't sell professional products including Nail Extension Forms and Polygel? You don't need to visit a salon to have a long-lasting gel manicure, however there are some manicure products best left to the professionals.

Why we don't sell products such as Nail Extension Forms or Poly Gel

As our products have been designed with the do-it-yourself user in mind, we made the informed decision to not provide our customers with products such as Polygel and Nail Extension Forms. We strongly believe these products require professional training, as if these products are used incorrectly, they can not only look awful but also cause serious damage! When using a form or applying Poly Gel, it is much easier to accidentally flood product around the cuticles. This can cause it to get on your skin which can be very hard to remove and can even cause permanent skin irritations.

Never fear though - with the right products there’s no reason you can’t grow long, strong nails naturally. For weaker nails we suggest starting with our Rubber Base Coat, which is going to give you more flexibility and added strength to the base of your manicure. Following this, apply 2 thin coats of Builder Gel, which is going to add extra strength to prevent snags, bending and breakages. Over time, these products will help your nails to continue their growth journey. Removal is also extremely important - it may be tempting to start picking that old Gel Nail Polish off, but this is a huge no-no. You will inevitably peel the actual nail off, which will make your nails much weaker and more brittle. Always take the time to carefully and completely buff off that Top Coat and soak for a decent time. Don’t try and rush this part in impatience, as it is crucial in ensuring easy application of your next manicure and keeping your nails healthy. And as always, don’t forget to apply Hand Cream or Cuticle Oil after for moisture and nourishment!

Why we don't sell pure Acetone

Acetone in its pure form can be very harmful and harsh on the skin. It will dehydrate the nail bed and cuticles which will result in nails becoming dry and brittle, causing breakage and sensitivity. Pure acetone can also result in headaches, dizziness and nausea if not used cautiously. Acetone is a requirement within removers for Gel Nail Polish, however it’s much safer and healthier in lower quantities and when combined with nourishing ingredients such as Green Tea, Peach Extract and Eucalyptus. There’s no need to subject your poor fingers and nails to such a harsh chemical when there are many great removers on the market that do just as good a job without destroying your nails!

Here at Gelous we strive to provide our customers with good quality products that allow you to apply and remove salon-quality gel manicures safely and effectively. Using a product best left to the professionals is just not worth the risk! If you have any questions about our products we are always happy to help - to get in touch you can contact us here.

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