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Gel Nail Polish Storage Guide

Store in a cool, dark area 

Gel Nail Polish bottles should be stored in a cool, climate-controlled area away from exposure to natural sunlight. Don't leave them sitting out in front of a window or in a bright room that gets a lot of light. Ideally they should be stored somewhere dark like in a closet, box or drawer. Gel Nail Polish should not be stored in your bathroom, as it’s constantly heating up and cooling down because of your blow dryer and shower. Our bottles are black to stop sunlight from affecting them as much, however you should still store your bottles away from sunlight.

Avoid UV light

Avoid opening or using your Gel Nail Polish in very sunny areas, or too near to your UV/LED Gel Nail Lamp when it is turned on. This prevents your polish from undertaking any part of the curing process, as it cures in UV light.

Store upright

Store your Gel Nail Polish right side up to prevent it from drying out. Don’t store it upside down, as this can cause clumps and drying at the neck of the bottle.

Wipe neck and rim after use

After use keep the neck and rim of your Gel Nail Polish bottle clean by wiping it with a Lint Free Wipe. Wet the Lint Free Wipe with Nail Polish Remover if required. Keeping this area clean allows your bottle to close properly and prevent air from getting inside.

Close tightly 

Make sure your Gel Nail Polish lids are always screwed on tightly to keep them airtight. We recommend closing the lid tightly after each coat.

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