10 Spooky Gel Nail Ideas to Make Heads Roll This Halloween

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Having a ‘mare choosing your Halloween nails this year? We’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re hunting for a sinister set or looking to ‘creep it cute, Gelous has got the holiday's most scream-worthy nail art and gel polishes for you, boo. It’s death to boring manicures, and a haunting hello to DIY gel nails to die for. Keep reading to find your perfect look for the spooky season. 

Batmani Gel Nail Polish Art

Gelous Batmani Halloween gel nail art - photographed in Australia on model

Glam meets gloom, this Batman-inspired ‘Batmani’ welcomes you over to the dark side. A hauntingly chic combo, the gothic, black base sets the stage for a sinister silver design that everyone is going batty for. For this badass set, we’ve blended black Gel Nail Polish with Silver Mirror Chrome Powder to create a dazzling silver gel. Use your Nail Art Palette and a Dotting Tool to mix these, before steadily painting five lines up the nail using your Thin Nail Art Brush. The bat's body is then formed by linking the lines together, paying special attention to keeping the tips pointed. Dark and ominous, this 'Batmani' is everything you need in a DIY Halloween manicure.

Looking for a tutorial?

To recreate this look, watch our ‘Batmani’ Gel Nail Art Tutorial on YouTube.

Ghost Tips Gel Nail Polish Art

Gelous Ghost Tips Halloween gel nail art - photographed in Australia on model

Possibly our favourite nail art for the spooky season, these adorable ‘Ghost Tips’ prove Halloween manicures don’t need to be scary. Not only do they make for a boo-tiful set; they're also a ghoulishly good choice for nail artists of all skill levels. Start with a barely-there sheer Gel Nail Polish as the base, before using Whiteout and its brush to paint a swirl at the tip of your nail. One end should be thick, and the other thin, to capture that iconic ghostly shape. No need to be too particular, these little spirits shouldn’t be perfectly even! Finish the look by crafting the eyes using Black Out and your trusty Dotting Tool. The perfect nail design for those celebrating Halloween with an element of subtlety, these cuties can always be called on.

Looking for a tutorial?

To recreate this look, watch our ‘Ghost Tips’ Gel Nail Art Tutorial on YouTube.

Bloody Chrome Gel Nail Polish Art

Gelous Bloody Chrome Halloween gel nail art - photographed in Australia on model

Carrie, is that you? Shine with a side of sinister, this ‘Bloody Chrome’ nail art is a beautiful nightmare. Chrome is hugely trending at the moment, and when paired with an oozing-red-glitter-blood tip, you’ve got the ultimate cool girl Halloween manicure. Begin by curing Black Out and Gelous Top Coat, before rubbing Silver Mirror Chrome Powder in circular motions over the nail. Follow this with an additional layer of Top Coat, cure, and dust off any excess powder. Let chrome then meet crimson by taking your Thin Nail Art Brush and sultry-red-shimmer, Blood Lust, to paint the blood drips. Once appropriately gory, join the drips together to form a swirly, oozy tip. This Halloween, glamour’s got a dark side.

Looking for a tutorial?

To recreate this look, watch our ‘Bloody Chrome’ Gel Nail Art Tutorial on YouTube.

Creepy Crawlies Gel Nail Polish Art

Gelous Creepy Crawlies Halloween gel nail art - photographed in Australia on model

Send shivers down your spine this Halloween with a spider-inspired DIY manicure. Dare to get closer? This ‘Creepy Crawlies’ Gel Nail Polish Art promises to spin a wicked web on your spooky season mani, cursing your nails with a haunting ombre and itsy bitsy spider details. For this frightful set, we’ve used witchy Glitter Gel Nail Polish, Black Magic, the elegant sheer, French Kiss, and the strikingly bold purple polish, Violet Delights. To achieve the ombre French tip, simply use your Ombre Brush to sweep Black Magic down the nail. For the spiders to crawl their way up, craft a cobweb using Black Out and your Thin Nail Art Brush, drawing a line down the nail. Then, take your Dotting Tool to shape the body and head, whilst using the previous brush to paint the legs. For an extra scream-worthy accent, complete the manicure by adding a speck of Whiteout to the spider's back – your very own tiny arachnid horrors.

Looking for a tutorial?

To recreate this look, watch our ‘Creepy Crawlies’ Gel Nail Art Tutorial on YouTube.

Ghost Grid Gel Nail Polish Art

Gelous Ghost Grid Halloween gel nail art - photographed in Australia on model

Cute, creepy, and creative, this ‘Ghost Grid’ manicure brings some modern flair to your Halloween nails. A ghoulishly good combo, the slime-green grids, paired with glittering French tips and spooky ghost accents is a real ‘scream. Create the trendy grid by using Let’s Be Frank and your Thin Nail Art Brush to draw consistent, even lines, before painting Silver Lining French tips over top. Give your nails the official spook factor by then sketching Whiteout ghosts with your Nail Art Brush, and finish by dotting on their scream-worthy eyes and mouths using our popular Black Out Gel Nail Polish. No costume? No prob. This DIY gel manicure makes for the trendiest spooky surprise.

Blood Lust Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Blood Lust gel nail polish - photographed in Australia on model

Love at first bite, Blood Lust brings the Halloween heat. The sultry, red-glitter Gel Nail Polish you’ve been looking for, this shade is perfect for those with a thirst for glamour. A flawless pairing with any costume, it’s the ultimate Gel Nail Polish for those wanting to level up their classy red manicure for the spooky season. Devilishly good, and ghoulishly glam – it's an immediate yes.

Midnight Blues Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Midnight Blues gel nail polish - photographed in Australia on model

A bewitching blue Gel Nail Polish with a delicate metallic shimmer, Midnight Blues is total moonlit magic. An eerily elegant hue that’ll have you under its spell, this shade will have your nails ready for the witching hour. Brewed up in the most exquisite of cauldrons, Midnight Blues is a moody manicure must-have. Ideal for those who favour a more subdued Halloween tribute, and what's more, it won’t look out of place come November 1st.

Let’s Be Frank Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Let's Be Frank gel nail polish - photographed in Australia on model

Wanting to bring your nails to life? Look no further than Let’s Be Frank. A green Gel Nail Polish with a slightly warm-yellow undertone, this electrifying potion is monstrously chic. Drawing inspiration from Frankenstein’s legendary creation, there's no mystery to this shade – it's made for fright night. Wear it on its own, or pair it with white or black nail art for a haunting look that’ll have you feeling frankly fabulous.

Don’t Trick Me, Treat Me Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Don't Trick Me, Treat Me gel nail polish - photographed in Australia on model

The quintessential Halloween hue, Don’t Trick Me, Treat Me is a must-have Gel Nail Polish for the spooky season. A vivid, pumpkin orange that's bursting with holographic glitters, you need to get your claws on this favourite immediately. Your perfect treat-or-treating companion, this Halloween Gel Nail Polish gets straight to the point. All pumpkin spice and delight, it delivers all the treats and none of the tricks.

Violet Delights Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Violet Delights gel nail polish - photographed in Australia on model

All eyes on Violet Delights, this indulgent purple Gel Nail Polish makes for wickedly good manicures. Giving all the ‘Hocus Pocus’ vibes, this enchanting shade promises to infuse a touch of magic into your Halloween nails. Offering a dose of purple powers to the haunting hours, Violet Delights is a great shade if you’re pressed for time. Despite being a Halloween holy grail, its opulent hues guarantee it’ll look great no matter the time of the year.

With all this spooky manicure inspo, why not ghoul all out this Halloween with a scary-good set? Whether you’re after something more frightful or delightful, recreating these nail designs at home with Gelous is a breeze. Shop the Gelous Gel Nail Polish Halloween Collection now!

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