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Chrome Mani Inspo: 10 Stunning Finishes That’ll Leave You in Awe

  • 5 min read

Chrome nails are in the spotlight right now, popping up everywhere with their high-shine, mesmerising finishes. You can see why this manicure trend has captured everyone's hearts - its ultra-glossy, cool-girl aesthetic is impossible to resist.

Exceptionally easy to apply, Chrome Powders best give off their mirror-like-shine or shimmery-sheen when applied over a base shade of Gel Nail Polish. While timeless choices like Black Out, Just White, or a subtle Base Coat work wonders, you can customise your set with any Colour Coat that best suits your style. Simply rub the Chrome Powder in a circular motion over this layer, seal the magic with a Top Coat, and you're ready to dazzle.

After applying Gelous Base Coat, and if desired, a Colour Coat, apply a thin coat of Gelous Top Coat, curing after each coat. Wipe the nail with a Lint Free Wipe moistened with Nail Polish Remover, then rub Chrome Powder in circular motions over your nail using the Chrome Powder Application Sponge. Dust off excess using the Gelous Dust Brush, seal the magic with a Top Coat, and you're ready to shine.

The biggest manicure trend of the moment, we've got you covered with all the chrome nail inspiration for a radiant look that you can easily DIY. Read on to discover your favourite chrome finish and see how you can take your at-home gel manicures to new heights.

Gold Mirror Chrome Powder

Gelous Gold Mirror Chrome Powder - photographed in Australia on model

A manicure fit for a queen, this Gold Mirror Chrome Powder is all glamour and extravagance. Apply over Just White Gel Nail Polish for a delicate set that stuns with its opulent champagne tones, or over Black Out for a deep white-gold that guarantees power and intensity. With this luxurious manicure, the golden touch lies right at your fingertips - and it’s yours for the taking.

Silver Mirror Chrome Powder

Gelous Silver Mirror Chrome Powder - photographed in Australia on model

Sometimes, a classic just can't be beaten. Sleek and striking, with a futuristic feel, our Silver Mirror Chrome Powder is everything right in a metallic manicure. The ideal shade for an all-over modern mani, edgy nail art or a glam feature nail against Black Gel Nail Polish, this cult favourite is a must-have in your manicure toolkit.

Pink Mirror Chrome Powder & Mauve Mirror Chrome Powder

Gelous Pink Mirror Chrome Powder & Gelous Mauve Mirror Chrome Powder - photographed in Australia on model

Your favourite pink shades, amplified. If you adore chrome’s signature high-shine finish but feel like it’s lacking a feminine feel, meet your perfect match in Gelous' Pink Mirror Chrome Powder or Mauve Mirror Chrome Powder. Letting your inner girly-girl shine through, these charming shades seamlessly harmonise with the cool chrome aesthetic to keep you right on trend.

Blue Mirror Chrome Powder

Gelous Blue Mirror Chrome Powder - photographed in Australia on model

Blue with an extraordinary twist, this finish cannot be matched. Rich in metallic sea-blue hues, our Blue Mirror Chrome Powder mixes tranquility with a spark of playfulness to show your fun side. The ultimate refresher, this shade never disappoints. It's perfect for lively full sets or funky nail art, adding a vibrant pop of colour to your year-round wardrobe.

Red Mirror Chrome Powder

Gelous Red Mirror Chrome Powder - photographed in Australia on model

A red nail is well-loved for good reason, it’s a total staple; bold, confident, and the perfect fit for any occasion. Why not take your classic to a new level? With our Red Mirror Chrome Powder’s spellbinding finish, your manicure demands to be noticed. Powerful and eye-catching with a standout ruby-red shine, this is everything you love in a traditional Red Gel Manicure, but better.

Pink Lemonade Aurora Chrome Powder

Gelous Pink Lemonade Aurora Chrome Powder - photographed in Australia on model

Enticing with its colour-shifting magic, our Pink Lemonade Aurora Chrome Powder is as sweet as it sounds. Apply it over Just White for an ethereal, soft-pink manicure infused with hints of yellow and green, or layer it over Black Out and witness its transformation into an iridescent, deep-forest hue. A true delight, you’ll be sipping on Pink Lemonade’s greatness time and time again.


To watch how to use our our Pink Lemonade Aurora Chrome Powder, watch our Youtube tutorial here or our Mini Tutorial Highlight on Instagram here.

Ice Age Aurora Chrome Powder

Gelous Ice Age Aurora Chrome Powder - photographed in Australia on model

Utter frost-kissed beauty, our Ice Age Aurora Chrome Powder is so mesmerising, it’ll leave you breathless. Boasting a light cool-based silver, this remarkable shade is reminiscent of a winter wonderland when applied over a clear base. Coat it over Just White for a pearly white masterpiece of timeless, elegant beauty, or over Black Out for a steel-toned silver that feels very icy-chic. With this magical Chrome Powder, your manicures will be all style and grace.

Creating The Hailey Bieber 'Glazed Donut' Nail Finish

Gelous Ice Age Chrome Powder for a Hailey Bieber Glazed Donut style manicure - photographed in Australia on model

If you’re obsessing over the viral Hailey Bieber style ‘Glazed Donut’ nail, then Ice Age is the perfect Chrome Powder for you. Featuring a pearly-white finish, this mesmerising lustre beautifully recreates the delectable effect. For this specific look, we recommend using one coat of milky-white Swan Lake Gel Nail Polish over a clear base, before applying Top Coat and curing. Give this a wipe with a Lint Free Wipe soaked in Nail Polish Remover, and smoothly rub on a layer of Ice Age Aurora Chrome Powder. Next, apply Gel Nail Polish Remover to a Lint Free Wipe and gently remove some of the Chrome Powder from your nails until you've reached the desired intensity. Finishing with a further layer of Top Coat, these differing steps produce a more luminous, pearly result to best capture the desired sugary-sweet ‘glazed’ finish. Hello chic nails, glazed to perfection.

Sour Grape Aurora Chrome Powder

Gelous Sour Grape Aurora Chrome Powder - photographed in Australia on model

Sour Grape: the Aurora Chrome Powder that brings a burst of vibrancy and energy to your manicures. Just like its namesake, it’s unforgettable. Wear it over a captivating Black Out base to reveal a deep luscious purple with mysterious hints of green, or give your classic White Gel Nail Polish a zingy twist with a soft dusting of purple and green radiance. Unlike its namesake, with this ChromePowder, you’ll be craving more.

Blue Bolt Aurora Chrome Powder

Gelous Blue Bolt Aurora Chrome Powder - photographed in Australia on model

With an electrifying high-shine finish, Blue Bolt Aurora Chrome Powder gives your manicures an impressive, striking look. This silvery, cool-toned blue shines with subtle hints of pink, illuminating on a clear base or intensifying into a deep steel-blue when layered over Black Gel Nail Polish. For a more subtle effect, apply Blue Bolt over the pristine Just White and watch your manicure evolve into a glamorous shade of pearly off-white. Powerful, right?

Cherry Pop Aurora Chrome Powder

Gelous Cherry Pop Aurora Chrome Powder - photographed in Australia on model

The cherry-pink sensation that’ll make your manicure pop with irresistible charm, this brilliant finish will have you shining brighter than ever before. Our treasured Cherry Pop Aurora Chrome Powder is a decadent pink delight with lively hints of yellow and green. Over White Gel Nail Polish, your manicure transforms into a cherry-infused treat - a pearly white canvas with splashes of pink and green - or wear it over Black Out to witness an indulgent blend of deepened hues. No matter your final look, your nails will steal the show.

Filled with high-shine inspiration and ready to step into the spotlight? Shop Gelous’ full collection of highly-pigmented Chrome Powders and turn your DIY gel manicures into dazzling show-stoppers. Embrace the chrome nail craze and be part of the trend!

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