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Trending Winter Gel Nail Ideas To Beat the Winter Blues

  • 5 min read

Ah winter, a season deserving of more adoration. Whilst often associated with a time of plunging, bitter temps, gusty winds and frostbitten fingertips, it also gifts us cosy comforts, snug sweaters, toasty nights in and gorgeous, rich manicures.

This season, it’s all about capturing the frost-kissed beauty with a dash of sophistication. Winter nail trends for 2023 effortlessly blend classic dark, muted hues with subtle pops of understated colour, creating a dazzling contrast against the icy backdrop and celebrating the magic of the season. Whether you’re captivated by deep, intense blues, snowy white delights or frosty glistening glitters, Gelous has got everything you need to give your gel manicure an on-trend wintry refresh.

Murder on the Dancefloor Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Murder on the Dancefloor gel nail polish - photographed in Australia on model

This seductive blend of rich-berry red and shimmering glitter is the ultimate winter warmer. Cosy, yet classy, Murder on the Dancefloor effortlessly transitions from cushy nights in to glamorous nights out, radiating femininity and confidence wherever you go. With this killer shade, your gel mani will steal the show all season long.

Vitamin Sea Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Vitamin Sea gel nail polish - photographed in Australia on model

A vibrant, royal blue Gel Nail Polish is an absolute must-have in your winter manicure rotation. Soaking up the tranquility and stillness that this picturesque season brings, Vitamin Sea is pure bliss. The ultimate cool-toned accompaniment to the freezing temps, its brighter tones make for a fun, youthful vibe that’s certain to make waves.

Socialite Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Socialite gel nail polish - photographed in Australia on model

Embrace your inner ice queen with Socialite, a frozen delight that shimmers and glimmers with glamour. There’s no arguing that glitter Gel Nail Polishes are a winter manicure's best friend, and this soft silvery-champagne hue perfectly captures this idyllic season with its pop of glitzy goodness.

Whiteout Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Whiteout gel nail polish - photographed in Australia on model

Perhaps the most winter-coded colour, Whiteout is as fresh as it looks. Reflecting the icy, snowy tones that are colouring our lives at the moment, this eye-catching polish is our purest, starkest, white. Winter wonderland in a bottle, this arctic-inspired hue is sure to deliver a bold, bright mani that’ll have you welcoming the chill from the first coat.

Steel My Thunder Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Steel My Thunder gel nail polish - photographed in Australia on model

A deep, moody hue that perfectly aligns with the seasonal colour palette, Steel My Thunder exudes all the stormy vibes. Winter’s the perfect opportunity to reach for more dark, intense shades with the bleakness of grey days and the dramatic nature of the season. Whilst a darker Gel Nail Polish is relatively predictable, this colour is electrified with smoky champagne glitters to take your mani to a new height of edgy glamour.

Mull It Over Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Mull It Over gel nail polish - photographed in Australia on model

Warm up with Mull It Over, a chic, luxurious shade that proves classics are always on trend. A deep, wine-hued brown transformed with an enchanting metallic shimmer, this polish offers the ultimate in seasonal treats and comforts. Pairs well with your favourite book, a warm mulled wine and a flickering fireplace - you can’t go wrong.

Pink Cashmere Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Pink Cashmere gel nail polish - photographed in Australia on model

Who says pastels are only spring and summer suitable? Pink Cashmere gives your warmer-weather pastel Gel Nail Polish a wintry spin with its cooler, more muted base. As exquisite as cashmere, this sweet shade will warm your heart in the best way. Layer it with your plushest sweater, cosiest beanie and softest scarf for full effect.

Garden of Eden Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Garden of Eden gel nail polish - photographed in Australia on model

A fresh take on your classic winter mani, Garden of Eden is the perfect Gel Nail Polish for bringing some inspiration to your drab grey days. A welcome pop of colour against the moody monochrome weather, this yellow-hued green brings a warmer feel to your gel manicure for a short winter escape. Guaranteed to beat the winter blues, this is the perfect ‘pick-me-up’ shade.

Once in a Blue Moon Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Once in a Blue Moon gel nail polish - photographed in Australia on model

When Black Gel Nail Polish feels a bit too intense, but you’re still keen on a dark hue, navy blue nails strike the perfect balance. A versatile choice that complements all styles and occasions, Once in a Blue Moon is a staple for the chillier months. A deep, midnight blue, this polish creates a bewitching allure that will undoubtedly draw you in as the temperatures cool.

Tutu Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Tutu gel nail polish - photographed in Australia on model

So simple yet so chic, Tutu is a shade abundant in delicate charm. With a feminine feel, this beige-pink shade carries a more muted undertone and is complete with soft holographic glitters dancing throughout. It takes your classic winter nude and enhances it into a truly elegant mani, pairing sublimely with fine knitwear and trendy coats.

Winter Nail Art Looks

Frosted Tips Gel Nail Polish Art

Gelous Frosted Tips gel nail art - photographed in Australia on model

Frosty fingertips at the ready, this radiant set puts a wintry twist on your classic French manicure. To recreate it, opt for a barely-there sheer such as French Kiss Gel Nail Polish for the base and the glitzy-glam Socialite for your French tip. Glistening like freshly fallen snow, follow this up by using the shade Black Out to carefully draw on your stars, before dusting on a sprinkle of Gold Mirror Chrome Powder to complete the spectacular look. An especially dazzling set that brings the magic of winter to you, these exquisite French tips are a firm favourite for the season.

To recreate our Frosted Tips gel nail art, watch our Mini Tutorial Highlight on Instagram here.

Winter Marble Gel Nail Polish Art

Gelous Winter Marble gel nail art - photographed in Australia on model

Breathing winter’s colour palette to life, this marble gel manicure transforms your nails into miniature works of art. With its effortless elegance, a marble mani is a surefire winner; a go-to choice for a chic and sophisticated look, and exceedingly simple to create. Begin with an uncured coat of Blooming Gel over a French Kiss base, before swiping Hurricane Alley, Whiteout, Skipping Stones and Silver Lining on your Resin Nail Art Palette. Swirl these frost-kissed shades together using your Dotting Tool as though it’s a blustery snowstorm, before scooping them up with your Oblique Brush and weaving them down the nail to form icy veins. Resembling glacial landscapes and frozen wonders, this set feels like a real winter wonderland.

To recreate our Winter Marble gel nail art, watch our Youtube tutorial here.

Matte Flowers Gel Nail Polish Art

Gelous Matte Flowers gel nail art - photographed in Australia on model

Bidding farewell to the ‘brrrrrr’ with the gentle beauty of a winter garden, this look keeps it sweet and simple with charming floral details in seasonal shades. Once in a Blue Moon forms the perfect midnight base with its rich, dark tones, bringing the ultimate contrast against the stark Whiteout petals and sweet Pink Cashmere flowers. To create them, paint the inner circle of the flower using pink Gel Nail Polish and a Dotting Tool, paired with white Gel Nail Polish and a Chiseled Silicone Tool to delicately dab on the petals. Seal the look with a Matte Top Coat for a stylish hint of texture - the perfect finishing touch for a contemporary winter vibe.

To recreate our Matte Flowers gel nail art, watch our Youtube tutorial here.

Golden Swirls Gel Nail Polish Art

Gelous Gilded Tips gel nail art - photographed in Australia on model

She’s beauty, she’s grace, this dazzling set embodies elegance for the ultimate wintry embrace. Mixing a sultry red nail polish with gleaming gold foils, this lavish combination feels extravagant. Create the look by first coating some of your nails with Murder on the Dancefloor and others with our most popular sheer, French Kiss. Reaching for Murder on the Dancefloor once again, paint your tips on a slight angle and cure, before drawing a thin line with your Foil Gel to create a subtle border that separates your painted tip from your chic base. Once cured, press on the Gold Metallic Nail Foil using a Silicone Tool, before gently peeling it away to reveal your most luxurious set yet. We can’t get enough of this glamorous wintry look, and with its enthralling beauty, it’s not hard to see why.

To recreate our Golden Swirls gel nail art, watch our Mini Tutorial Highlight on Instagram here.

Don’t get caught in the cold without a gorgeous set of gel nails this winter. Cosy up on the couch and create your very own at-home gel manicure with Gelous’ on-trend Gel Nail Polishes and Gel Nail Art. We’d love to see what wintry nails you’ve crafted, so be sure to share your stunning creations and tag us!

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