How To Brighten Your Mood with a Gel Manicure this Winter

  • 3 min read

As the days get shorter and the temperature gets colder, our moods can get a little low. Keep your spirits high during the cosy months of the year with a fun Gelous gel manicure.

Bright Gel Manicures

Tropical Punch Gel Nail Polish

Who said you can’t wear bright colours in winter? Our fashion sense and need for colour tends to change with the seasons. When the weather is cold and grey it’s natural to want to reflect that weather, but why not try something different? A bright gel manicure is a sure-fire way to lift your mood, leaving you feeling confident and beautiful. We have an amazing collection of Gel Nail Polish colours that are always expanding so there really is a colour for everyone!

Nail Decal Gel Manicures

Daisies Nail Art Stickers

If you love your more muted and natural nail colours, no problem! Try using our Nail Stickers, Striping Tapes and Nail Transfers to add a pop of fun to your gel manicure. We have a huge array of decals that can suit every personality and leave you feeling your best. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it and express yourself - creating a beautiful manicure using nail art will get those creative juices flowing and give you that much needed boost of endorphins in winter!

Glitter Gel Manicures

Siren Gel Nail Polish

Here at Gelous, we love our glitters! Glitters have a way of mesmerising us with their never-ending reflections and the fun elements they add to our gel manicures. Try a feature glitter nail, or go all out and paint them all in a glitter to really make a statement. We have Glitter Gel Nail Polish to suit everyone, including red, pink, green, black and everything in between. There is really no better way to brighten your mood than to go all out and make a statement with a fabulous Glitter Gel Nail Polish.

Galaxy Gel Manicures

Galaxy Interstellar Gel Nail Polish

Our Galaxy Gel Nail Polishes are an amazing way to add a flash of colour (literally) to your nails. This Gel Polish range comes in a variety of colours and looks totally different depending on the Colour Coat used underneath. It is standard to use them over Just White or Black Out, as these show the full scope of the colours, but they can really be used over anything. Use the included Magnet with this magnetic Gel Nail Polish range to bend, shape and swirl the glittery flecks, or simply embrace the shimmer and paint it on. Galaxy Gel Nail Polish will make you feel like you hold the universe in your hands, and who doesn’t want to feel powerful like that?

Moisturise and Nourish

Last but not least, make sure to take care of your hands! During winter our hands can get cold and dry from being exposed to the cold air. In the Covid-era, we also have to worry about the extreme amounts of hand sanitiser we’re all using to keep the germs away. This combination can leave your hands, cuticles and nails feeling dry and lacklustre. During winter in particular, we love turning our gel manicure process into a full self care routine. Turn on your favourite playlist, enjoy a hot tea and most importantly, finish your manicure with a hearty application of Hand Cream and Cuticle Oil. Nourished hands and nails will ensure your manicures  always look salon-quality!

When the seasonal depression kicks in, try out these Gelous products to bring some joy to your fingertips and kick those winter blues. Stay warm and cosy, love Gelous.

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