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6 Gelous Gel Nail Polish Colours to Improve your Mood

  • 2 min read

Life has been a little rough for everyone the past couple of years. So we're here to tell you about some stunning Gelous Gel Nail Polish colours that are sure to brighten your mood and leave you feeling better about life in no time!

Chin Up Buttercup

Chin Up Buttercup Gel Nail Polish

The amazing yellow Chin Up Buttercup Gel Nail Polish is a no-brainer for a mood lifter! Yellow is associated with cheeriness, revitalisation, optimism and growth. We often think about a sunny disposition and gorgeous sunflowers blooming when we see the colour yellow, so try out this yellow Gel Nail Polish and remind yourself to shine bright every day - just like the sun!

Pink Lady

Pink Lady Gel Nail Polish

When your mood is getting you down, painting your nails a cheery pink shade is sure to instantly make you feel better! Our classic pink Gel Nail PolishPink Ladyis the perfect colour to remind you of happier times and evoke feelings of comfort and relaxation. Pink brings out positive emotions, like compassion, romance and kindness. Not to mention, pink is a timeless gel manicure colour to show off that classic feminine beauty!

Green With Envy

Green with Envy Gel Nail Polish

Green With Envy is a bold, bright and beautiful green. It looks amazing as a full manicure or as a feature nail. Green is known as a colour of fertility, serenity and gentleness. A green Gel Polish is the perfect shade for the warmer months and a great way to bring a little bit of summer to you during those colder months when things are feeling a little drab.

Heart of the Ocean

Heart of the Ocean Gel Nail Polish

Sometimes life can be a little overwhelming. If you’re in need of a colour to bring a little calm and peace, then Heart of the Ocean is it! Blue evokes feelings of stillness, security, and peacefulness. Whenever you look down at your deep blue Gel Nails, try to reflect on what you are grateful for and coast through your day with a fabulous manicure to boot.

Red Sass

Red Sass Gel Nail Polish

is the perfect gel manicure colour for when you’re needing a confidence boost - what could provide that better than this sassy red? Red is a colour representative of excitement, passion, courage and confidence. Wearing this UV LED Gel Nail Polish will let everyone know you mean business and give you all the confidence you need to seize the day.

Razzle Dazzle

Razzle Dazzle Gel Nail Polish

Last but definitely not least, we have the breathtaking Razzle Dazzle. Having glittery gel nails makes it nearly impossible to have a bad day. If Elle Woods taught us anything, it’s that pink is the ultimate everyday Gel Polish colour and paired with a glittery shine, you're bound to feel unstoppable.

It's time to brighten your day with these mood-boosting Gel Nail Polish shades. Enjoy some much needed self care and time for yourself, leaving you feel polished, energised and ready to go!  

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