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Gelous vs Sistaco - Why Gelous is the Best Sistaco Alternative

  • 8 min read

There’s plenty to consider when you're starting out in your at-home nail journey. Be that value for money, quality, or simply just trying to navigate the various products, what they do and how they work.

It’s easy to get lost in the noise, what’s key is finding the right brand which enables you to not only create beautiful manicures from the outset but also gives you room to grow.

Gelous is designed for people just like yourself. We bring salon-quality gel manicures to the comfort of your own home with high-quality, ethical and affordable gel nail products that paint on just like regular polish. What’s better, the Gel Polish is easily cured with our UV/LED Lamp to give it its stunning shine and reliable durability that always keeps you coming back for more. Whilst Sistaco includes some Gel Nail Polish elements into their process, the nails are instead coloured using mineral powders. This involves using a special brush to apply the powder on and around the nails, between layers of Gel Polish. Meanwhile, at Gelous we keep it simple with processes and products that can be relied on to produce amazing results, every time. That’s why when stacked up against Sistaco, we have the edge. 

5 reasons why Gelous is the best alternative to Sistaco

Ease of Use

Gelous Gel Nail Polish - photographed in Australia on model

At Gelous, we understand just how intimidating an at-home Gel Nail Kit can feel. Thanks to Gelous’ easy application system, achieving spectacular salon-quality nails is as simple as it gets. Our straightforward process follows as you would expect, meaning there are no sneaky surprises or troublesome techniques for you to grapple with. With Gelous, you prepare your nails as normal before applying our base, colour and top coat, ‘curing’ your polish inside your UV/LED Lamp after each coat. The result is a long-lasting glossy gel manicure (or pedicure!) that shines like nobody’s business. Gelous products effortlessly paint on just like a regular polish, so you’ll be a pro in a flash.

The last thing you need whilst starting out is to be faced with unfamiliarity. With Sistaco, the application process follows a similar course to ours, however, the colour coat is instead applied through a mineral powder. This involves dipping a special brush into the powder jar and applying it to your nail with careful strokes until it is set into the base coat. As you're working with loose powder, this can be a messy process, and you must also take care not to lift it whilst applying your top coat. With Gelous, we make it easy for you with a no-fuss application with tools you already feel confident with, so you can reach that salon-quality result quicker.

Long-Lasting & Kind to You

Gelous Lady in Red Gel Nail Polish - photographed in Australia on model

There’s nothing worse than chipping, peeling polish, or a manicure that has damaged your nails. We know how important healthy nails and longevity are in a gel manicure, that’s why we make a promise to take care of both.

Gel Nail Polish is easier to apply for at-home users, so it should last longer. Whilst the longevity of your manicure hugely depends on how closely you follow the prep, application and aftercare instructions, with Gelous these are exceptionally clear and easy to follow - meaning you can trust your gel manicure to last for at least two weeks without any peeling, fading or chipping. We want to help your nails flourish, so unlike Sistaco, Gelous also offers Rubber Base Coat and Builder Gel to increase the strength of your gel manicure and in turn make it last longer. Our customers find both of these, or one or the other highly increases their manicure length and typically remove their set simply because it has grown out. With Gelous, you can be confident your gel manicure will last when it matters most.

Not only do we believe in long-lasting gel manicures, but we also keep it clean with products that are kind to your nails. Whilst neither Gel Nail Polish nor mineral powders should cause any damage to your nails as long as they are removed correctly, Gel Polish is much less likely to cause irritation as it can’t be breathed in or blown onto your skin like powder. Further, Gel Polish is relatively mess-free, you can easily wipe any Gel Nail Polish off your cuticles before curing with a Nail Art Brush, Silicone Tool, or an Orangewood Cuticle Stick. We keep things simple, so your gel manicures can stay as fun as they’re meant to.

Flexible Finishes

Gelous Galaxy Gel Nail Polish - photographed in Australia on model

When evaluating your options for at-home nail products, you should always keep the end result in mind. What sort of look are you wishing to create? Sistaco offers a number of holographic, metallic and classic powders, all of which produce a lustrous finish. This is expected due to the shiny pigments within the powder, meaning that even with a matte top coat, you will always see a slight sheen to your nails. These finishes are just the tip of the iceberg for Gelous, and with more choice, there is far more flexibility for you to achieve different looks.

Gelous has got you covered with over 260 Gel Nail Polishes across a wide range of colours and finishes, meaning you will always be spoiled for choice with options you will never get sick of. You’ll find shades anywhere from neutrals to neons, all with that classic glossy gel finish that we all know and love. If you’re after a more lustrous finish, look no further than our Glitter and Metallic Gel Nail Polish range to watch your dazzling shimmer come to life, or use our Matte Top Coat to achieve a true matte finish. For those days you’re in need of a more subtle set, you can rely on our Sheer Gel Nail Polishes, or for something a little bit different choose a Special Polish to create a unique finish, like a tortoiseshell, marble, or galaxy effect. With Gelous, the sky’s the limit for your final look.

Why restrict yourself to just one style of finish, when you could have many?


Gelous Gel Nail Polish Art using Pastels, Checkers & Nail Transfers - photographed in Australia on model

With Gelous, you’ll see high-quality products that are also kind to your wallet. We believe that affordability shouldn’t come at the expense of quality, so we give you everything you need to create flawless nails at a price that makes sense.



Nail Polish/Powder $20.00 NZD $29.95 NZD
Top & Base Coat $20.00 NZD $30.00 NZD
Nail Stickers $7.00 NZD $19.95 NZD
Starter Pack (incl. lamp) $110.00 NZD $99.95 NZD
Lamp $70.00 NZD $39.95 NZD

Prices accurate as at the publishing date.

No matter where you are in your at-home nail journey, you will want products that are long-lasting, easy to use and good value for your money. Gelous sets out to make the salon-quality experience as accessible as possible, so that means cost-effective pricing for when you’re getting started in your journey and as you advance. That’s why you’ll find our Gel Nail Polishes and Nail Stickers at affordable prices, so you not only see that salon-quality result from the outset but also easily grow your nail collection as you do.

Whilst our lamps come at a higher price point, this is due to our commitment to quality. With a spacious dome design perfect for both manicures and pedicures, our UV/LED Lamp cures Gelous Gel Nail Polish to a professional standard. With a removable magnetic base plate for pedicures, two heat functions, a smart timer with an LED display and up to 50,000 hours of use, application is a joy and truly reflects that of a salon. When compared to foldable, compact lamps, it’s hard to argue against features like these.

Superior Range

Gelous Gel Nail Polish Range - photographed in Australia on model

To keep things fun with your at-home nails, you need the freedom to choose from a broad product range. With greater choice across colour, finish and nail art the possibilities are endless for your gel manicures, restricted only by your imagination. Gelous’ growing range offers you this, being a one-stop shop for all your at-home nail needs.

Unlike Sistaco’s 70 powder pots, Gelous has over 260 Gel Nail Polishes across multiple colours and finishes. You’ll never lose interest in nails or feel like things are becoming repetitive with our range, instead always waiting in anticipation for your next set. Why restrict yourself to solely vibrant, shimmery powders, when you can have the flexibility and versatility of Gelous Gel Nail Polish? Whether you’re looking for a bold hue, pretty pastel, classy neutral or dazzling glitter, there is certain to be something for you. With everything from soft sheers to mesmerising metallics, you can trust Gelous to have you covered for any occasion, any day of the week.

Not to mention, Gelous also makes it easy to level up your manicure with gorgeous nail art. We know all too well that nail art is half the fun, especially as you progress. That’s why we stock an extensive range of Nail Stickers, Transfers and Foils, and a much-loved collection of Nail Art Brushes, Tools and Guides, so you can experience the fun for yourself. Plus, with Gelous you’re able to use Blooming Gel, Galaxy Polishes and Special Top Coats to create unique manicures complete with effortless nail art, perfect for the total beginner. On the contrary with Sistaco, you are reduced to 14 packs of stickers and no further tools or polishes. Why limit yourself when there is so much room to grow? We believe in making salon-quality nails as accessible as possible, so that means ensuring you have the tools to succeed when trying your hand at nail art. That’s why we frequently post tips and tutorials on how to achieve your new favourite looks and are always here for support. With a Gelous Youtube channel full of step-by-step video tutorials, an Instagram full of inspiration and blogs full of advice, you’re in good hands.

What our customers say about us

Gelous is a simpler, more cost-effective and better-ranged at-home gel nail solution than Sistaco, but why just take our word for it? Check out what other people just like yourself have to say.

GELOUS is a trade mark owned by Symet Ltd.
SISTACO is a trade mark owned by Sistaco Pty Ltd.

"I had been using Sistaco before this for a while and Gelous is way better/easier/quicker to use! My polish doesn’t chip now whereas when I was using Sistaco it would chip/peel within a day. The removal process is SO much easier (I use the nail polish remover Gelous sells on their website). It’s also a lot easier to get thin coats with Gelous."
- Monica

"I invested heaps into Sistaco. It kept chipping and lifting and my nails kept breaking so they were always really short. Switched to Gelous and they last 2-3 weeks and I finally have long nails! No breaks!"
- Helen

"I changed and wouldn’t look back. I hated how the powder mixed into the top coat and I would get a week, that was all. It often also wasn’t a smooth finish. I use Gelous Rubber Base, Top Coat and Builder Gel and oh my god I’ve never had such length and strength!"
- Marie

"I’ve tried Sistaco and it ended up lifting it my nails and took ages for them to grow back healthy. I also found it was hard to get a nice thin layer. I’ve switched to Gelous and find it so much easier. Awesome colours. Would definitely recommend it!"
- Joanne

"This brand is absolutely amazing. I get my order within a few days every time and am yet to find a product I don’t like. The application process is simple and easy to understand especially with their video tutorials while always having the option to be as creative as you like. Would absolutely recommend to anyone who is wanting to give doing their own nails a go."
- Leone

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All information accurate as at the publishing date.
GELOUS is a trade mark owned by Symet Ltd.
SISTACO is a trade mark owned by Sistaco Pty Ltd.

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