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Gelous vs Glamrdip - Why Gelous is the Best Glamrdip Alternative

  • 6 min read

Starting your at-home nail journey can feel overwhelming, but with the right brand, you'll find achieving flawless, salon-quality manicures is actually a breeze.

Gelous is designed for people just like yourself. We bring salon-quality gel manicures to the comfort of your own home with easy-to-use, ethical and affordable gel nail products that paint on just like regular polish. What makes Gel Polish so unique? It contains special ingredients that react to the UV rays emitted by your Gel Nail Lamp. This 'curing' process transforms the gel from a liquid into a hard coating in just 60 seconds, giving your gel manicure its signature, stunning shine and reliable durability.

On the other hand, Glamrdip uses dipping powder which seals to your nails using resin-based, ‘glue-like’ adhesives. This involves numerous fiddly steps during application, including repeatedly applying polish, dipping the fingernail into powder and continually brushing off the excess. Meanwhile at Gelous, we keep things simple with hassle-free products and processes that you can rely on to deliver stunning results. That’s why when stacked up against Glamrdip, Gelous has the edge.

5 reasons why Gelous is the best alternative to Glamrdip

SimplicityGelous UV/LED Gel Nail Polish Application with Red Sass Gel Nail Polish - photographed in Australia on model

When starting out on your at-home nail journey, you’ll want an application process that is simple and straightforward. Gelous makes certain of that, with an easy application system that holds fewer steps and far less fuss. There are no complicated techniques or hidden hurdles - simply prepare your nails as usual, apply the base, colour and top coat, and cure each of the layers under your UV/LED Lamp. The result? A glossy, long-lasting mani (or pedi) that shines brighter than ever. With no need for special tools, Gelous Gel Nail Polish paints on as effortlessly as regular polish, so you'll be a pro from the start.

This is a far simpler and more enjoyable option compared to the dipping powder method used by Glamrdip. Dipping powder is considered messy and complicated, with several steps that require plenty of time and patience. It involves applying a base coat, dipping your finger into the powder jar at a precise angle, brushing off the excess, and repeating the process several times. Then, a polish is used to activate the powder, followed by filing, buffing, and shaping the nail, and lastly, a final coat of polish is applied. With Gelous, you can say goodbye to the hassle and frustration of complex, time-consuming methods and say hello to an enjoyable stress-free experience. Achieve the stunning salon-quality results you’re after, with a simple, no-fuss application using tools that you’re already familiar with.


Gelous Crocodile Tears Gel Nail Polish - photographed in Australia on model

Gel Nail Polish is the clear choice for a neat and tidy manicure, while dipping powder can quickly become a mess. The repetitive process of dipping your fingertips into loose powder and brushing it off leaves behind a trail of excess powder every time. What’s more, if you the base coat isn't applied precisely on the nail, the powder will adhere to other areas and lead to a messy outcome. With Gelous, the polish glides onto your nails smoothly and its self-levelling formula ensures a seamless application, so you won’t have to worry about any dips, lumps or bumps affecting your results. If you find any excess polish smudged onto your finger or cuticle during application, you can easily remove this with an Orangewood Cuticle Stick, Nail Art Brush or Silicone Tool before curing, so your manicure is sure to stay pristine. We keep things simple, with a fun, mess-free process that can be relied on to deliver long-lasting, salon-quality results.


Gelous Brown and Gold Stars Gel Nail Art - photographed in Australia on model

The secret to achieving your dream manicure every time is having the freedom to choose from a vast range of colours and finishes. Unlike Glamrdip’s range of 90 powder jars, Gelous’ growing selection of over 260 Gel Nail Polishes gives you the versatility and flexibility to switch up your look whenever you feel like it. With Glamrdip, you’re confined to a limited range of opaque shades and glitters - both of which are just the tip of the iceberg for Gelous.

With our superior range, you’ll find everything from neutrals to neons, all with that signature, high-gloss shine that everyone knows and loves. Perhaps you're looking to add some sparkle to your nails? Our Glitter and Metallic Gel Nail Polishes will leave you mesmerised. Or, opt for the minimalist beauty of our Sheer Gel Nail Polishes. Get creative and mix things up by using our Matte Top Coat or select one of our Special Polishes like tortoiseshell, galaxy or marble for a stand-out look. With Gelous, the possibilities are endless for your final look. There really is something for everyone, for every occasion.

Don’t restrict yourself with such a limited selection of choices. Experience the vast range of options offered by Gelous and you’ll never settle for less again.


Gelous Pink Clouds Gel Nail Art - photographed in Australia on model

At Gelous, helping you to take your at-home manicures to the next level is in everything we do. We know all too well that nail art is half the fun, particularly as you progress. Our extensive range of nail art tools will inspire you to create show-stopping designs, even as a total beginner. With an array of Nail Stickers, Transfers, and Foils, plus a well-loved collection of Nail Art Brushes, Tools and Guides, we've made sure you'll have everything you need to unleash your inner artist. Plus, you’re able to get creative with our Special Gel Polishes, like our Gelous Blooming Gel, Galaxy Polish and unique Top Coats that turn your manicures into works with the touch of a finger.

Glamrdip on the other hand falls short. Putting a cap on your creativity, Glamrdip stocks no nail art tools or accessories. Dipping powder limits your options and largely restricts you to basic looks of solely solid colours. Why settle for basic nails when you can make masterpieces with Gelous?

We believe in making salon-quality nails as accessible as possible, so that means ensuring you have the tools to succeed when trying your hand at nail art. That’s why we regularly post tips and tutorials on how to achieve trending looks and are always on hand for support. We have a Youtube channel full of step-by-step video tutorials, blogs that are full of advice and an Instagram packed with inspiration. You’re free to explore and experiment to your heart’s content, feeling fully supported and completely confident.

Kind to You

Gelous Pastels Polish Pack Gel Nail Polish - photographed in Australia on model

Taking care of your nails with products that are kind to you is essential. Whilst neither Gel Nail Polish nor dipping powders should cause any damage to your nails as long as they are removed correctly, Gel Nail Polish is less likely to cause irritation as it minimises contact with the skin and greatly reduces the risk of inhalation. Your health is paramount, so the risk of infection from using dipping powder should also be considered when sharing your jars with another person. After use, bacteria and other germs can live inside the jar and pass to the next person once they dip their finger into the powder. With Gelous, you can rest easy knowing this won't be a worry as nail polish is formulated to restrict the growth of microbes. We use products that are kind to you, so with proper care, your gel manicures will stay as fun as they’re intended.

What our customers say about us

Gelous is a simpler, less messy and more versatile at-home gel nail solution than Glamrdip, but why just take our word for it? Check out what other people just like yourself have to say.

"Just switched over from dipping powder to gel and absolutely love how easy it is. Also much quicker! Have already placed another online order which I'm picking up today - thank you Gelous."
- Rose

"Gelous are far more superior than competitors I have tried - I just love every single colour and design I've purchased. Great prices and range to choose from. I just love how when I do my nails at home now they make me feel a million dollars!"
- Manda

"So easy to use and great quality! Made the transition from getting my nails done to doing them myself super simple. Amazing range to choose from and always provides efficient and excellent service! I especially love that Gelous provides tutorials on all their social media and YouTube so you can easily get the looks!"
- Lucia

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