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Gelous vs Gelish - Why Gelous is the Best Gelish Alternative

  • 6 min read

Ready to revolutionise your at-home manicure game? Whilst Gelous and Gelish each offer at-home gel nail products, the similarities end there.

Although Gelish has been around for longer, Gelous takes the edge with its easy-to-use, cost-effective products that are designed with people just like you in mind. Truly caring for and understanding our customers, we really listen to your needs, and reflect these in our well-loved products and their high-quality, long-lasting formulas. With our unrivalled level of support, Gelous makes sure you’ll achieve a salon-quality result, every time.

On the contrary, Gelish falls short, with outdated, pricey products and an inadequate level of support that typically leaves you on your own. But that’s why when stacked up against each other, Gelous has the upper hand.

6 reasons why Gelous is the best alternative to Gelish

Streamlined Range

Gelous Pearlescent Rose Quartz gel nail polish - photographed in Australia on model

Why get bogged down in a complicated array of nail products that you don’t need? Unlike brands that try to do it all, at Gelous, we’re focused on providing the very best in Gel Nail Products. That’s why our products are not only favoured for their quality and durability, but also because they look beautiful and don’t come at the cost of the earth, or your wallet. With a vast range like Gelish’s it can be difficult to uncover what you’ll actually use, ultimately costing you time and money.

We don't want to overwhelm you with loads of unnecessary products that aren’t the right fit for you. Instead, we focus on what you actually need and enhance these to be the best they can be. By keeping our range focused on what we do best, we’re able to truly listen to our customers to create gel nail products that fully work for you. That means your voice is always heard, your needs are understood, and your manicures are kept as fun as they’re intended. Using the best possible products, Gelous makes it easy for you by eliminating the noise and paving the way to the best possible result.


Gelous Pastels Polish Pack gel nail polish - photographed in Australia on model

At Gelous, we believe that high-quality gel nail products shouldn't have to come at the expense of a steep price tag. That’s why we sell our Gel Nail Polish for $20, an accessible price for you to not only get started on your nail journey but also to advance. With Gelish, paying $29.50 per polish adds up quickly, and when paying over twice as much for various tools or nearly five times as much for a UV/LED Lamp, this can really hinder you in your nail journey. We understand that price matters, so we provide you with everything you need to create stunning nails at a price that makes sense. With Gelous, you get the best of both worlds - accessible pricing that doesn’t forgo quality. Why pay more when you can get such high-quality results for less? Don't settle for overpriced nail products that underdeliver - try Gelous and experience the difference.

Prices accurate as at the publishing date.


Gelous gel nail polish - photographed in Australia

Gelous provides high-quality, durable and ethical gel nail products that not only look incredible, but also look after you and the world around us. To us, that’s a no-brainer, but that’s why we’re recognised for only offering the best. Our Gel Nail Polish is not only vegan and cruelty-free but also 10-free, meaning it’s free from 10 of the most harmful chemicals commonly found in nail polish. Why would you settle for any less? Your health and wellbeing is of the highest importance, so we make certain to keep it clean with products that are kind to you.

Whilst Gelish may offer cruelty-free and vegan gel nail polish, the same level of transparency and consistency is not provided when it comes to its ingredients and non-toxic claims. Regardless of what you’re buying, it’s crucial to understand what you’re truly getting - it’s as simple as that. With Gelous, you can have full peace of mind when it comes to the safety and quality of your nail products, that's why we’re fully open about it. Our reputation for quality speaks for itself - using ethical production practices, eco-friendly packaging and non-toxic, high-quality ingredients, our products deliver the professional finish you’ve always wanted. When you choose Gelous, you're choosing a brand that genuinely cares about your wellbeing and the world around you.

Unmatched Support

Gelous Hippie Trail gel nail art using Blooming Gel - photographed in Australia on model

We’re not just a brand that sells nail products, we’re a community of gel nail enthusiasts who wish to do everything we can to ensure you create the perfect manicure. Whether this is a completely new skill to you, or you’re looking to step up your mani game, we’re dedicated to helping you every step of the way. Unlike other brands, our support doesn’t stop after you’ve made a purchase. That’s why our Youtube channel is full of step-by-step tutorials and our Facebook community is packed with like-minded individuals ready to offer their support and advice. Plus, we release mini nail-art tutorials every Friday to keep you motivated and inspired, alongside resourceful blogs to ensure you’re caught up on all the latest trends. Or, if you need to get in touch directly, we’re always just a live chat, phone call or email away. With Gelous, we make it easy for you to succeed. We go the extra mile, beyond what Gelish offers, so your gel nail experience is as enjoyable and straightforward as possible. The end result? A flawless manicure you can be proud of. 

Effortless Nail Art

Gelous Black & White Snakes Nail Stickers gel nail art - photographed in Australia on model

At Gelous, we think nail art is for everyone, regardless of experience or skill level. That’s why we consider it important to provide an extensive range of nail art stickers, transfers and foils, so anyone can create stunning designs with ease. Complete with step-by-step tutorials and endless inspiration, we ensure you feel confident to fully unleash your creativity. Gelish on the other hand lacks in this area, with no such products offered and fewer options available to support non-professionals in their nail art journey. Why confine yourself when there’s so much room to grow? With Gelous, it’s never been so simple to enter the world of nail art, and with everything you need in one place, you’ll never look back.

Customisable Starter Kits

Gelous gel nail polish starter pack - photographed in Australia

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to favourite nail polish colours, so why should you have to fit into a box when you’re just setting out in your journey? We know everyone has individual tastes when it comes to their nails, that’s why we provide fully customisable starter packs. Unlike Gelish, which offers pre-packed kits with pre-selected colours, Gelous gives you the freedom to pick any shade you like. Plus, with various size options and special add-ons, such as scented cuticle oils, and matte top coats, your kit is constructed to best suit you. We make sure you start out on your at-home nail journey in the best way, with a gel manicure that’s as unique as you. Don’t settle for a pre-packed starter kit that only holds you back from creating your dream mani, take control of your journey from start to finish with Gelous and create a manicure that feels like it’s truly your own.

For an at-home gel nail experience that’s as fun as it should be, try a Gelous Starter Kit today. These beloved packs include everything you need to get started, including a Base Coat, Top Coat, Colour Coat of your choice, UV/LED Gel Nail Lamp, Nail File, Orangewood Cuticle Sticks, Cuticle Oil, Lint-Free Wipes and Manicure Removal Clips. Designed to make your gel manis easy and enjoyable, you’re free to fully immerse yourself in creativity and fun.

What our customers say about us

Designed with our customers and their success in mind, Gelous provides an easier-to-use, more modern and better-supported at-home gel nail solution compared to Gelish. Far better value for money, Gelous is well-loved for good reason, but why just take our word for it? Check out what other people just like yourself have to say.

“I was tossing up between Gelous and another company and I am so happy I went with Gelous. Most importantly they have a broader range of colours than other brands, their products are very high quality and last well. Fast delivery, sales and great customer service. Would highly recommend this brand A++.”
- Kate

“I have tried gels before at home and they were a disaster. Gelous was easy to use, and I’m so impressed with the end result. I love that there are clear, easy to follow YouTube videos for basic application and nail art too. Excited to add even more colours to my collection!”
- Victoria

“Such a fabulous range and fantastic quality! I love how accurate the colour descriptions are, the formula is super easy to apply and very long lasting and they are a great price. In terms of price and quality, I would truly recommend Gelous over any other gel polish on the market.”
- Olivia

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All information accurate as at the publishing date.

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