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Gelous vs Gelicious - Why Gelous is the Best Gelicious Alternative

  • 6 min read

Looking to step up your at-home manicure game? Whilst both Gelous and Gelicious are known for offering at-home gel nail products, they're markedly different from one another.

Gelicious may pitch convenience, but when it comes to salon-quality products, Gelous takes the cake. Our affordable, hard-wearing and long-lasting gel nail products are designed with people just like you in mind. With an extensive range of high-quality, non-toxic products that cater to all your at-home gel manicure needs, we provide unparalleled support to ensure you achieve salon-quality results every time.

Gelicious on the other hand falls short, with pricey products lacking in durability, that ultimately see your manicures short-lived. Together with a lacklustre level of ongoing support, you’re largely left on your own, but that’s why when stacked up against each other, Gelous takes the edge.

5 reasons why Gelous is the best alternative to Gelicious

Superior Range

Gelous Tortoiseshell gel nail art using Blooming Gel - photographed in Australia on model

When it comes to creating your dream manicures and keeping your sets fresh and exciting, having a wide range of choice is essential - that’s why Gelous delivers a Gel Nail Polish range that’s twice as extensive as Gelicious’. With over 300 polishes that span the full spectrum of colour, finish and function, Gelous offers everything you need to create superb manicures that not only look great, but also last longer and grow stronger.

Whether you’re in search of a chic neutral, pretty pastel, electric neon or moody hue, you’ll never have to settle for any less with Gelous. After something shimmery? Our Glitter Gel Nail Polishes will leave you mesmerised. On the lookout for something minimalist? Opt for the barely-there beauty of our Sheer Gel Nail Polishes. Or, why not reach for one of our Special Finish Gel Nail Polishes for an especially stand-out set - a range that Gelicious simply doesn’t stock. Use our Pearlescent collection for a touch of class, our Glow in the Dark or Galaxy Polishes for an out-of-this-world vibe, or experiment with our Blooming Gel to create effortlessly unique designs such as tortoiseshell, watercolour, or marble. With Gelous, you'll never feel limited or as though your sets are becoming repetitive, with our range, the possibilities are endless. There really is something for everyone, for every mood, style or occasion - we’ve made sure of it.

Not only does Gelous take the crown for its sizeable range, but also for its outstanding product variety. From manicure tools and treatments to beginner-friendly nail art accessories and various-sized Starter Kits in every Gel Nail Polish shade, we've got it all. Shop our specially designed products, such as our Builder Gels and Rubber Base Coats, to increase the strength and durability of your manicures or patch up any nail tear with our UV/LED Fibre Nail Glue. Gelous is a one-stop shop for all your at-home gel nail needs, and once you’ve experienced the Gelous difference, you’ll never look back.

Longer-Lasting Manicures

Gelous Red Checkerboard gel nail art - photographed in Australia on model

While Gelicious offers up the convenience of a peel-off base and top coat, this comes at the vital expense of how your manicure wears. Compared to Gelicious’ 10-14 day wear time, with Gelous, your manicure is sure to last for at least two weeks thanks to its traditional base coat that creates a stronger, more durable bond with your nail. Fundamentally designed to be harder-wearing, there's no need to worry about leaving your hands in water for too long, accidentally nicking an edge, or running the risk of damaging your nails by peeling off your manicure. At Gelous, we promise salon-quality results, and we mean it. That means stunning, practical, long-lasting manicures that truly reflect the salon experience, from application to removal, one set to the next, and everything in between.

It shouldn’t then come as a surprise that at Gelous, we're committed to providing you with durable gel manicures that truly go the distance. That’s why, unlike Gelicious, our range also includes Rubber Base Coats and Builder Gels, specially designed to increase the strength of your manicures and ensure they last longer, whilst still looking flawless. Our customers swear by these products, which see their gel manicures last well beyond the two-week mark without any chipping, peeling or fading - only removing their sets simply because they’ve grown out. When it comes to creating gorgeous, long-lasting manicures that truly stand the test of time, Gelous is the clear choice.

Value For Money

Gelous UV/LED Gel Nail Polish Application - photographed in Australia on model

With Gelous, you’ll find high-quality nail products that won’t hurt your wallet. We believe that quality shouldn't have to come at the sacrifice of affordability, so we provide you with everything you need to create gorgeous nails at a price that makes sense.



Nail Polish colour $20.00 NZD $29.00 NZD
Base/Top Coat $20.00 - $22.00 NZD $29.00 NZD
Builder gel $22.00 NZD -
Nail art brush set $22.00 NZD (11 Pack) $29.95 NZD (8 Pack)
lamp $70.00 NZD -
comprehensive Starter Pack

$140.00 NZD

  • UV/LED Lamp
  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • Colour Coat
  • 100x Lint-Free Wipes
  • Nail File
  • Cuticle Sticks
  • Manicure Removal Clips
  • Cuticle Oil
$239.00 NZD
  • UV/LED Lamp
  • Peel-off Base & Top Coat
  • Colour Coat
  • 10x Cleanser Wipes
  • Nail Files
  • Cuticle Sticks

Prices accurate as at the publishing date.

Wherever you are in your at-home nail journey, you’ll want products that are easy to use, long-lasting and good value for money. At Gelous, we believe in making the salon-quality experience as accessible as possible, so we ensure cost-effective pricing across all of our products, whether you’re just getting started, progressing, or a total guru. That way, you’re able to see those salon-quality results right off the bat, whilst easily growing your collection as you do. With Gelous, you’ll get the most out of your money and your manicures. Why pay more when you can get such high-quality results for less?

Hassle-Free Nail Art

Gelous Butterfly Gel Nail Polish Art using Take Flight Nail Art Stickers - photographed in Australia on model

We’re big on empowering you to create your dream manicures, and we know all too well that nail art is half the fun. To us, nail art is for everyone, regardless of skill level or experience. That’s why we offer a broad selection of Special Finish Gel Nail PolishesNail Art Stickers, Transfers, and Foils, so you can create showstopping designs with ease - even as a total beginner. Complete with step-by-step tutorials and an abundance of inspiration, you’ll feel fully confident in unleashing your inner artist from day one. Meanwhile, Gelicious falls short, failing to stock any such products and offering far fewer options to support fellow non-professionals on their nail art journey. Only serving to place a cap on your creativity, why limit yourself when there’s so much room to grow? With Gelous, entering the world of nail art has never been easier. We make sure everything you need is in one place, so you have the freedom to fully explore the world of endless possibilities that lie at your fingertips.

Unparalleled Support

Gelous Spellbound gel nail polish - photographed in Australia on model

At Gelous, we’re more than just a brand that just sells nail products. We’re a community of passionate gel nail enthusiasts who are dedicated to helping you achieve the perfect manicure. Whether you’re just starting out on your journey, or looking to take your gel nail skills to the next level, we’re committed to guiding you every step of the way. Unlike other brands, our support doesn’t end after you’ve made a purchase. Our ever-expanding Youtube channel is full of detailed tutorials, and our Facebook community is full of like-minded individuals ready to offer their support and advice, or simply just to talk all things gel manicures. We’ve got you covered with weekly mini nail-art tutorials, insightful blogs on all the latest trends and direct support with our dedicated team through live chat, phone call, email, or DM if you'd like to get in touch. With Gelous, we make it easy for you to succeed. We go above and beyond the rest to ensure your at-home gel nail experience stays as fun as it’s intended, with the end result being a flawless manicure that you can flaunt with pride, time and time again.

What our customers say about us

Gelous is a longer-lasting, more cost-effective and far better-ranged at-home gel nail solution than Gelicious, but why just take our word for it? Check out what other people just like yourself have to say.

“Amazing kit! Super speedy delivery and I'm very impressed with the lamp and the starter kit. Literally everything I need and good quality for the price. I have used a few different brands of at-home gel and by far Gelous has the most salon quality!”
- Alex

“Best Gel on the market. I have so many people compliment me on my nails and when I tell them it's all done at home they can't believe it. I just show them all the YouTube tutorials that Gelous uploads and all their colours and then they become obsessed like me. It's such a fun self care activity that I put time aside for every 2 weeks. Brings out my creative side and the colour choices are endless.”
- Katrina

“Love Gelous! Great polishes (my nails can last 3-4 weeks), fantastic colour range, nicely packaged and always arrives quickly! I struggled to find a gel polish brand that I loved but now that I have found Gelous I've stopped trying any other brands. Would recommend to everyone.”
- Carmen

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All information accurate as at the publishing date.

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